Teachers and students are saying about Choke Creek . . .
Choke Creek would be an outstanding choice for an interdisciplinary 11th grade American literature/history course.  Students would learn the power of story to convey the human side of history as well as the history that isn't always contained in their social studies textbooks.  The book could inspire young writers to do a bit of research themselves and then try their hand at doing what you've accomplished here--creating an imaginative text that is at the same time true to historical events.
      ---Carol Jago, Author, Educator, and President NCTE
I enjoyed this book because it was a book that I could currently connect to. It also makes the reader. . . think about current wars and question how much we really know of what’s going on.
       –12th grade English student, Tenafly High School, Tenafly, NJ

One of my passions as an educator is to expose multiple facets of any given event.  If students can learn that relying on one source for historical information is not only ineffective but sometimes dangerous, I’ve done my job.  Choke Creek allows me to highlight the value of primary sources, a tenet of our Academy curriculum.  More importantly, Choke Creek put my course in context.  It is a fresh way to introduce U.S. History to high school juniors.  Lessons from Choke Creek are universal and apply to any U.S. History unit.  For all of these reasons, I am incredibly appreciative of how the novel has helped me reshape an otherwise stale course.
–Amy Miller, Upper School History Teacher, Harrisburg Academy, Wormleysburg, PA

It’s not often I get the pleasure of reading a book written like a tapestry. . . .[t]his book would be a perfect classroom companion for studies regarding the Vietnam War or the massacres of Native American people throughout the U.S., especially in the Colorado area.
Choke Creek is a happy surprise, a novel that raises the issues through a captivating story, keeps the suspense going, and weaves in history—culture—biases, loss, suffering, from many different perspectives. Small invites values dialogues in a very approachable way, permitting choices of risk taking for individuals. I do hope this book will become a touchstone.
         –Ursula Daniels, executive director, PaxWorks

Anytime we can experience an author's thoughts about writing, we benefit in our own writing.  I have started reading Choke Creek and love it.  I will recommend it to all my students and their parents.
         --Diane Johnson, Kearney Public High School, Kearney, NE

Thank you for coming to my school and telling me about your book. It seems really cool and I really want to read it. Maybe one day I could write a book just like you did.
         --9th grade English student, Digital Harbor High School, Baltimore, MD


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