A Novel Approach to History

With Choke Creek you can:

      -----Change the way your students think about history.

     -----Engage them in primary sources.

     -----Show your students why social justice matters.

     -----Bring Native American history alive.  

Teachers and students are saying about Choke Creek. . .

I stumbled across this book when I was searching for a way to help my high school juniors understand why history is inescapable. It's tricky to write a book that can engage all kinds of minds and ages, but this one does. I didn't want to put the book down and with every page found more and more reasons to have my students read this book. They LOVED it. The characters unlocked enduring themes of the burden of history, human rights, family loyalties and justice. The juxtaposition of Vietnam War and the Plains Indian Wars worked brilliantly to dislodge readers from their comfort zones and get them thinking. The book brought this history alive for my students.
                 --Rebecca Hanson, 11th grade American History, The Roland Park Country School 

Choke Creek would be an outstanding choice for an interdisciplinary 11th grade American literature/history course.
--Carol Jago, President of the National Council of Teachers of English

I thought the book, Choke Creek, was so compelling. I absolutely loved every part of it—this is saying something since I do not usually love to read.
                    –11th grade American History student, Baltimore, MD

 Small's story, based on the Sand Creek Massacre, is a fascinating story that weaves in and out of two American time periods with frightening similarities 
 --Karen Hartman, director Colorado Writing Project 
My students love Choke Creek.  When I told them to stop reading, one said, "Oh, no, please, five more minutes!"  That's got to be the highest praise an author can have from a teenager."
--Mariana Damon, Lexington HS, Lexington, NE
I want my students to understand literature as an instrument for social messages and as an agent for social change; to take action in the world, and write creatively to convey their views of issues about which they have deep interest and concern. Bringing an author into the classroom who modeled that kind of social activism helped my students understand what I was driving at, and brought the message home.
                --Dana Maloney, Tenafly High School, Tenafly, NJ

History can always be manipulated by those who write it.  Even something a reliable as a history textbook used in a classroom may withhold the truth.  Lauren Small, author of Choke Creek, opens people’s eyes to the reality of history in their world.

           --U.S. History student, Harrisburg Academy, Wormleysburg, PA 


Frequently asked questions about Choke Creek:

          Does Choke Creek meet my school's standards?

          What reading level is appropriate for Choke Creek?

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Order Choke Creek by Lauren Small
Order Choke Creek by Lauren Small






Join the growing list of schools that have read Choke Creek:

Roland Park Country School, Baltimore, MD, 11th grade US History
Lexington High School, Lexington, NE, 9th grade English
Tenafly High School, Tenafly, NJ, 12th grade "War and Literature"
Harrisburg Academy, Harrisburg, PA, 11th grade US History
Hallendale, High School, Hallendale Beach, FL, 10th grade English
Middle Park High School, Granby, CO, 11th grade Colorado History
Gilman School, Baltimore, MD, 9th and 10th grade summer reading list
Greendale High School, Greendale, WI, 11th grade American Literature
Dubois High School, Dubois, WY
Peyton High School, Peyton, CO


Teaching Choke Creek 

--A comprehensive teacher's guide is available for Choke Creek.  Part I of the guide consists of lesson plans for both Language Arts and U.S. History.  Part II contains additional resources, including the original historical documents upon which the novel is based.  

--For Lesson Plans click here.

--For Resources click here.

To obtain a school discount on classroom sets, contact bridlepathpress@gmail.com or 410-608-5841.

--For online supplemental materials, including timelines, photo gallery, YouTube links and more,  Click here.

 Lauren Small is available for classroom visits in person or via Skype.  To see a sample speaking proposal, click here.  For more information, contact the author at 410-486-8899 or lcsmall@comcast.net.

Lauren Small has presented at these and other schools across the nation:

The Oneida Tribal High School, Oneida, WI
Merino High School, Merino, CO
West High School, Billings, MT
The Gilman School, Baltimore, MD
Pungo Christian Academy, Belhaven, NC
Digital Harbor High School, Baltimore, MD
Kearney Public High School, Kearney, NE
Montana State University at Billings, Billings, MT
Northside College Preparatory High School, Chicago, IL
Franklin High School, Reisterstown, MD

 Choke Creek is also available through Adams Book Company and Follett Library Resources.    











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