Choke Creek  is a novel in which place is more than significant, is a character in fact, suffused with narrative, with memory and imagination, with a history.

--John Dufresne, author of Love Warps the Mind a Little, Johnny too Bad, and Requiem, Mass


Based on historical events, Choke Creek delivers a gripping portrait of families haunted by the past.  Evie's search for the truth leads her to uncover atrocious acts of ruthless brutality.  The past, she learns, cannot be changed, but with courage and compassion, the future might yet be redeemed.


Lauren Small's clean, precise prose, her seamless weaving of the real events of Sand Creek into the fictional Choke Creek, and her creation of characters who compel and fascinate, draw the reader into Choke Creek in powerful ways.

--Leslie Goetsch, author of Back Creek


With Choke Creek, Lauren Small has written an engaging coming of age story. . .which dramatizes the impact of evil on innocence.  

--James Spragins, Upper School English teacher, Gilman School, Baltimore, MD


Cheyenne runners at the 11th Annual Sand Creek Massacre Spiritual Healing Run, November 26, 2009

Order Choke Creek by Lauren Small
Order Choke Creek by Lauren Small



Students learn about Choke Creek at the Miami Book Fair International




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